Plitvice High Land

Two romantic lovers cruising the Plitvice Lake
With limited information getting to Plitvice by public transportation via Bihac in Bosnia, finally I made it there. The route is infamously taken and most I stumble upon on the internet is either route from Zagreb or Zadar. Bihac to Plitvice only takes 20 minutes drive but only one bus connection available that operates once daily at 4pm, as I was informed by the guy at the bus station. 

Left to right: 1 My bed in a cottage dorm, Jezerce 2 A small balcony overlooking beautiful space 3 Drying my shoes and socks after walking through morning dew

Bihac is a small town in Bosnia near the border to Croatia. From there, I decided to depart early in the morning to Plitvice to avoid long queue at the border. Unfortunately for me, as I went to the bus station, it was barely any bus so I crashed into a bar nearby for coffee and warm. People in the bar reacted strangely as I entered and kept staring oddly which I knew later on that they rarely see Asian coming to Bihac. They were really nice and asked me where I'm from and kept chit chatting in a foreign language I can't understand. I took the chance to ask about bus to Plitvice but they were not much of help. Firstly because of the language barrier and secondly, they were drunk.

Left to right: 1 After crossing the Izačić border 2 Early morning near Jezerce village 3 Foliage and trees 4 Misty fogs as the sun shines

After measuring up my rationale, I decided to take a taxi from Bihac to Jezerce village where I already booked a place for my stay. It costed me 20
€, compared if I were to take bus and wait for long hours, it would be way cheaper. However, I needed my time and anyway Jezerce village is far from the bus station in Plitvice so the taxi could deliver me rigth at it.

Left to right: 1 Careful walking at the side of road here, sometimes cars are very fast 2 Where I came from, there's no such flowers 3 Beautiful sunshine 4 Cottages near Jezerce village

As I arrived at the village, I was stunned by the beauty of the countryside. It's so calm and charming yet also a bit cold for me. I arrived by the time sun was rising and didn't hesitate to stroll out discovering the area.

1,2,3,4 & 5 More foliages, trees, fogs and sunshines
Anticipating my friend, Miswar who supposed to come later that day, I was a little bit excited as finally I will have someone to ramble with while traveling. He was coming from Mostar and planned to come up to Plitvice via Zadar. However he couldn't make it on time because of the delay at border and missed the bus Zadar-Plitvice. He told me he had to sleep at Zadar bus station for the night, poor my friend. We, then promised to meet up at the Plitvice National Park the next day and hoped this time it will actually happen.

I felt home seeing this humble cottage
Above: 1,2 I can't get enough of the sun rays and foliages Below: A beautiful cottage in the nature

Frustratingly, we failed to meet at the park because it was so crowded with visitors and the park is huge. I ended up touring the park with Michael, American from Philadelphia who was my roommate at the guesthouse. He's on a short trip to Europe and will be starting a university exchange program in Cork, Ireland soon. He mentioned something about law, internship and business that I wasn't paying much attention.

Left to right: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Flora, waterfall and the lakes in the park
The guesthouse I was staying at was cute and nice owned by Leo and wife with a kid. The only thing lacking was there was no food served and also no place around to eat. However he's kind enough to give a lift at 7pm everyday to his guests who want to shop for groceries or food at the only supermarket four kilometers away. Anyway, I once gone there back and forth by walking. It was refreshing.

Left to right: 1 Remind me of Kenyir Lake in Malaysia 2 Small friendly fish 3,4 So tempting to swim in there but it's prohibited 5 Yes, and ducks are not prohibited
Plitvice National Park for me is overrated. It was so touristy, crowded and couldn't focus on the nature. However it's a magnificent place to see. I like more the village atmosphere like Jezerce because it felt so genuine and authentic. I wonder if there's a small lake nearby that is not part of the park and we can actually swim in there. A Bosnian told me that there is one in the village of Bihac, but I don't know for sure.

A yellow flower with a small colony of ants on its stalk, Plitvice National Park


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