Istanbul & The Souls

Arasta Bazaar, Sultanahmet
Above A man pulling his selling cart
Left Various colourful leather sandals with ethnic motifs

Below Crossing Bosphorus, from Eminonu to Kadikoy

Above from Left: Antique car near Galata Near Taksim Park Vintage store, Beyoglu Wudhu' 

Boiling some corns, near Topkapi Palace entrance Above
Locals selling Simit & buns Right

Mother & daughter enjoying snack time with some figs, Yeni Cemii mosque

Above clockwise: 1 Blood red pomegranates, Beyoglu 2 At a random cafe near Blue Mosque 3 Taxi 4 Boat taking passengers between European & Asian part 5 Receptionist guy at my accomodation

Above clockwise: 1 Open restaurant near Sultanahmet Fresh pomegranate juice instantly squeezed 3 Smiling man, Spice BazaarFlo, 71 solo traveler from New Zealand 

Above clockwise: 1 Daniel & I at a local market near Spice and Grand bazaar Stunning view of Blue Mosque, open restaurant & Arasta Bazaar Somewhere in Istanbul 4 Big flag of Turkey at Taksim square 5 Pedestrians, Fetih

Above, right to left & up: 1 A mother with children, taken near Galata Tower 2 Perfumes stall, near Grand Bazaar 3 Waiter ready to greet customers 4 Clapping, blending into music at a small concert 5 Zekir & Farouk, Kadikoy 6 Ready for some shopping 7 Selling Simit for breakfast

Zigzag from up, left to right: 1 Selling apples from basket 2 Waiting, Taksim 3 Costume for rent & taking pictures 4 An Azeri fluent in Arabic 5 Ali Pasha mosque 6 Moroccan fair 7 Tabby cat with limping leg 8 German Fountain 9 Walnuts 10 A teenager in Eminonu 11 Daniel the German guy trying on Taqiyah 12 Random tourist

Above clockwise: 1 Pumpkins on an old cart 2 What's nicer rather than chit-chatting with friends 3 Ayasofya 4 A cute little girl not asking much 5 Fishing, Galata bridge 6 Beautiful afternoon at Taksim

Above clockwise: 1 Blue mosque main yard 2 Dough is actually being rolled in a restaurant among the customers 3 People enjoying sunset & graffiti at a lighthouse, Bosphorus 4 Taksim Park 5 Sultanahmet mosque and surrounding
Above clockwise: 1 Near Egyptian Bazaar 2 Enjoying Durum kebab 3 Stealing the crowds attention on Galata bridge 4 Overlooking Halic (golden horn) sea & Sultanahmet from the bridge 5 The old Grand bazaar 6 Guarding the Topkapi Palace
Above, further up, left to right: 1 View from the entrance of Topkapi Palace overlooking Ayasofya & Blue mosque 2 Malaysian tourists 3 Waiting for a customer 4 Ablution area near Grand Bazaar 5 Turkish man in a pashmina shop 6 American lady deciding for brunch 7 Zuhur prayer time 8 Very crowded, near Gulhane 9 Local women out for some groceries 10 A kid was trying to sell me something
Above left to right: 1,2 & 3 While at Taksim park 4 Looking out Ayasofya from Blue mosque 5 An asian tourist at a mosque 6 An old man near Galata tower 7 Simit time 8 Daniel and his Pentax 9 Artistic shop near Beyoglu 10 Topkapi Palace entrance


Catat Ulasan

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