Albania Charms

When I decided to go up to Albania from Athens, there was this nice old black man giving me direction to a cafe called Only 1 Cafe instead of information about bus connection Greece-Albania that I asked. He was sure that the owner is Albanian. I did went to the cafe and had a morning espresso there before asking a guy about the bus. The guy who I assumed as the owner is indeed Albanian and he told me to go to Metaxourgeio. There, lots of Albanian bus travel agencies going to Gjirokaster, Tirana & other places in Albania that I can choose.

Greece-Albanian border: Kakavia, Gjirokaster

Above follow 'Z' pattern: 1,2,3 Albania's countryside beauty 4 Neighbourhood, Berat

First in Albania, the bus dropped me in Gjirokaster opposite to a gas station where I had my breakfast there. I remember meeting a lady who helped me with furgon. She speaks English well since she's a nurse in The States.

Left: The gas station where I waited for the sun to rise Right: Inside 'furgon' or minibus
South of Albania, looks quite like Greece

From top: 1 Gorica bridge 2 Old house at Berat fortress 3 Sahatit mosque 4 Albanian boy reciting Koran 5 Fresh mini market, Berat 6 Small statue of Mehmet Ali Pasha 7,8,9 At Berat fortress on a mountain

In Berat, I met some muslim Albanian kids. Iraglion, Soheil & their friends were very nice to me. It was really fun. Kids are the warmest people I've always encountered during traveling, regardless where I go & never disappoint me. Also in Kruje, there were two friendly kids who helped me with my backpack.

Muslim kids of Kruje; Inva (middle) & Armand (right) who helped me & were very curious
From top left: 1 Iraglion performing prayer 2 An Albanian kid Bottom: In front of King mosque in Berat

Above from top left: 1 Scenery of Berat town & Osumi river from the castle 2 Old window of an Ottoman house 3 Souvenirs shop in Kruje old market
From top left to right: 1 Kruje old market 2 Vintage, near Kruje castle 3 More souvenirs 4 Antique shop 5 Shops & mosque minaret 6 Antiquities from communism era 7 Kruje mountain

I also had the opportunity to make acquaintances with some travelers during my stay at a guesthouse in Shkoder. The host, Florian was nice and I like the concept of the guesthouse. It was just simple and humble place but the dinner atmosphere was special. On dinner, we would sit at the table with other travelers in the yard and mingle.

At the entrance of Kruje castle
Top from right: 1 Shepherd & his flock 2 Shkoder, in the north of Albania 3 Near the guesthouse I was staying in Shkoder
Above: 1,2,3 Morning stroll in Shkoder, picking some blackberries

There were talkative humble bragger, Kourash fucken Tahiri (he said that 'f' a lot) from Canada, a sweet American couple Natalie & Matt, and Timmy Jenkins from Australia. All of them are veteran and seasoned travelers in their early thirties which I could just listen to their stories all night long. Timmy quit his job and has been away from home almost a year and planning to continue his traveling until 'don't-know-yet' time.


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